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All questions can be answered as long as the inquirer is willing to assess him or her self and be willing to make an informed decision. I will offer suggestions if its a broad question; however, should one provide a specific question, the a tailored answer will be offered. I'm here to help and am willing to walk you through any marital situation you may have.

Experience in the area

I have bee married and divorced. I have a family of six which two of my children are from previous spouses. I have been a mediator, hostage negotiator and handle many family crisis situations from verbal abuse to physical attacks. All have been resolved amicably because I am willing to listen which is a major component in any resolution. I have been assisting and facilitating various culturals dealing with marriages for over 20 years.


I belong to various criminal and associated fields in one way or another related to the family foundation.


My publishings and recommendations for family, juvenile and criminal field have appeared in many judicial fields.


I have a Masters in Criminal Forensic Psychology and over twenty years of marital mediation and family solutions.

Awards and Honors

I was a decorated officer and received many commendations in the law enforcement and civil service field.

Past/Present Clients

My past and current clients are strictly confidential.

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2013-08-08 Sexless Marriage:

Thanks for inquiring with All Experts.    I think your wife is projecting her anxiety of the miscarriage incident to your sex life. She is scared Jesse and worried. Scared of being pregnant again and experiencing

2013-03-05 divorce with unborn baby?:

Dear Mehdi,    Let's get to the heart of the matter. Divorce and abortion Is not the solution. All marriages and children are sacred. Couples must learn to interact responsibly. That is difficult with

2012-11-25 what next:

Damien,    You placed yourself in a complex situation. This will  be hard but you are committed to your wife and you need to talk to her what transpired between you and her sister. As you this, talk to

2012-08-14 Abuse:

Dear Veronica,    Thank you for inquiry with All Experts.    Nobody deserves to be abused in a relationship. Many times abuse is a product of a person emulating a dysfunctional past experience, mainly

2012-07-11 marriage money and vacation:

Good evening Eri,    Thanks for inquiring with AllExperts.    Congradulations on your nuptials. In regards to your inquiry, your boyfriend needs to advise his employer immediately, as a matter of courtesty


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