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Marriage is a commitment, a dedication, a plan that's fascinating and intriguing, as you try to get into the heart and head of another being. I can help you understand your partner better and make this journey a bit easier. I can tackle queries related to issues in a new marriage, a love marriage, entering into a new life and preparation for it, inlaws relations. Sorry, I cannot help out on gay and lesbian relationships. I am not a sex therapist or an astrologer.

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20 years of a blissful married life, with someone who does not belong to my city or community. It was a tough but exciting journey handling elders who initially did not approve. An expert at for more than a decade in the field of marital and inlaws relationships. Have tried my best to help couples from across the globe, lead a happy satisfied married life.

Publications in sections on inlaw relationships and husband and wife relationship.


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Anuja12/05/15101010Thanku :)
sunita07/30/15101010Thanks for your encouraging words! :)

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2015-12-02 arranged marriage.:

Hello Abuja,     Star signs do not rule anybody's future but they do provide a helpful guideline about general characteristics. So you're sensitive and this says that Cancer, Capricorn or Scorpio could

2015-11-30 arranged marriage.:

Hello Anuja,    You're lucky that this match did not happen. A family which is so orthodox would never allow you to pursue a career or have the freedom you desire. Matching of horoscope is still prevalent

2015-11-27 arranged marriage.:

Hi Anuja,    Am sorry for the delay in replying to you. Ok, let's first understand your concept of good looking, do you like tall, fair, handsome, with moustache or without it, short hair or long? Some

2015-07-26 arranged marriage:

Hi Sunita,    You've been brave as you took a decision which hurts but at least you had the courage to take a tough stand. I'll begin with the most valuable advice, never ever discuss your past with your

2015-05-14 Does money or family = happiness:

Hi Evan,    You could have made this sacrifice easily if only the economy were to be buoyant enough. With job conditions tough out there, making a move so far away isn't advisable at all. You both will


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