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Dr. David Simonsen


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I can answer all types of questions related to Marital issues. I will tell you straight what I think your challenge is and ideas on how to get through it.

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You want someone who has the training, experience and knowledge to answer your questions. That person is me. I meet weekly with married couples and work with them through the challenging issues that come up in marriages.




B.A. M.S. Marriage & Family Therapy; Ph.D. Psychology

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2016-11-24 Remarriage after widowhood:

Bethany,    This almost sounds like a homework question haha. I don't know of any studies, but I'll give you my experience. Divorces happen because relationship issues overwhelm people in their marriage

2016-04-13 Relationship Issue:

Gary,  The biggest problem is that you made the choice to marry knowing the dog was part of the package but figuring it wouldn't be a big deal. You both should have had an agreement up front about it.

2015-09-03 Inconsiderate husband:

Traci,    The bigger issue here is the lack of communication that is happening between the two in many other areas. This is something that if not figured out could cause you problems in the long run. I

2015-07-20 troubled marriage:

Emily,  You need to get to a place of safety while your figure out your marital relationship. This is something that he could have been arrested for. Your children need to be in a safe place as well as

2015-05-14 Money Vs Family:

Evan,    I apologize for the delay on this. I think you are young enough that moving now would not be a bad idea. Being around support is always a good thing. Not only for your wife, but also for your


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