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I am an herbalist for 27 years. I see clients for nutrtional consulting and support on herbal programs. I can answer questions on herbs to take for paciticular ailments. I have a web site where I post articles on herbs and holistic health. I carry a line of teas and products that support one on their journey to health.

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I have a healing center and have been in practice for several years. I teach classes one herbs and Iridology and Reiki .


none at the presest time


Annapolis Holistic Health Community Newsletter.


Dr. Christophers School of Natural Healing.

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Recent Answers from Jayne Boyle

2016-11-18 5HTP:

I think you're going to have to experiment a little. I would take a lesser dose for a few days. And take with food. Maybe at dinner or at least a few hours before bed. Make sure you taking a b complex

2016-10-15 PMS:

Why don't you add 5htp to you program. For sore throat add ehinacea golden seal combo . Your system should be a alkaline too. So what is diet like . Eat mostly veggies no red meat for a while at least

2016-08-14 Opinion on sweeteners:

Brow sugar is just sugar with molasses still in it. Honey I have used for years. Honey doesn't give you a spike in blood sugar and is good for you. You can cook with it also. There is a product out there

2016-08-12 Opinion on Soy for protien:

I wouldn't do a lot of soy, maybe once a week. You can get plenty of protein with nut butters, nuts on salads sprouts, and beans. I make raw almond butter right in my mini blender with a little coconut

2016-08-09 Are immunosuppressants known to inhibit healing?:

So,sorry for your trouble. I'm not sure you meant  to write to me. However I'm sending link to read. How much does the person weigh. Eating habits?     Curcumin  is a little better and stronger than tumeric


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