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I am an herbalist for 27 years. I see clients for nutrtional consulting and support on herbal programs. I can answer questions on herbs to take for paciticular ailments. I have a web site where I post articles on herbs and holistic health. I carry a line of teas and products that support one on their journey to health.

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I have a healing center and have been in practice for several years. I teach classes one herbs and Iridology and Reiki .


none at the presest time


Annapolis Holistic Health Community Newsletter.


Dr. Christophers School of Natural Healing.

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Deborah02/13/17101010Thank you for all your information
Patricia02/13/17101010Thank you very much.
Kenny02/06/17101010Jayne gave me excellent advice and direction .....

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2017-02-10 uva ursi:

I know that cinnamon kills E. coli, you can try that .also look at humaworm website and ask them if they know. I think cds or mms kills bacteria. Mms is hard on palate so CDs is already activated and easier

2017-02-09 Gastritis/Betaine HCL:

can you try a tablespoon of honey before bed. I think blood sugar drops. Maybe try the manukau honey. , I really can't figure this out unless your dehydrated and really need water. Everything is energy

2017-02-08 Gastritis/Betaine HCL:

I would also take digestive enzymes. Different tha. Hcl. They are produces by the pancreas to digest fats carbs and sugars. The Hcl is to digest protein. Digestive enzymes are produced by panaceas. I would

2016-11-18 5HTP:

I think you're going to have to experiment a little. I would take a lesser dose for a few days. And take with food. Maybe at dinner or at least a few hours before bed. Make sure you taking a b complex

2016-10-15 PMS:

Why don't you add 5htp to you program. For sore throat add ehinacea golden seal combo . Your system should be a alkaline too. So what is diet like . Eat mostly veggies no red meat for a while at least


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