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I can answer most stress related questions, including Anxiety and Panic attacks, PTSD and general stress related issues. My main aim is to provide you with techniques and information regarding how best you can manage your stress levels on a day to day basis and so reduce effects such as Physical or emotional illness which can arise when stress is not managed. I am not able to give advice about medical conditions which need treatment from a doctor, such as heart conditions etc.

Experience in the area

I am a qualified Stress Advisor (RCN accredited and CPD certificated). I have had many years in the public sector and am very client focused. My main aim is to provide concise, clear help and information to those seeking help managing their stress levels and any other related concerns. I also run my own stress relief web site


I am a platinum member of Ezinearticles


RCN accredited (stress Advisor) CPD certificated Educated to High School level and have since worked for many years in a customer support based environment, gaining vocational qualifications.

Past/Present Clients

Currently work as a freelance stress advisor for my local area, many of my client are referred to me via the local health service.

What do you like about this subject?

I like seeing positive change in peoples lives once they learn to manage their stress and start living again.

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2012-07-22 Meditation techniques for OCD:

Hi I am not an expert in mindfullness but i believe it is a very straight forward technique which just needs practice to get the full benefit from. take a look at this page for mor on this    /mindfulness

2012-03-26 workplace stress:

Hi    Well if this person is actively nasty to you or near you so you can hear and what he says upsets you, you only have two options. One to ignore him and forget about it or to confront the issue direct

2012-03-21 stressed:

Hi  It is very difficult to be able to advise you as you have not indicated other than the medication you are taking about what else you do to try and help yourself.    As you probably know stress is a

2011-03-21 feeling drained:

Hi  I totlly understand your situation. I am a trained stress advisor and so i can spend my days listening to extremely sad and distressing stories every day. Also the energy i have to give to try and

2010-09-23 Stress Management:

Hi  It is no wonder that you feel stressed and the first thing you need to do is to not feel bad about reacting to your life situation this way. Sometimes people make themselves even more stressed because


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