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I can help people who are living with stress and stress-caused illnesses find a natural, easy mental technique called Natural Stress Reliefİ that takes only a few minutes twice a day to dissolve the stress, leaving the mind flexible, relaxed, and joyful.

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varun08/07/16101010superb answer. you have completely clarify my .....
A.03/30/15101010Thank you very much David. You offered .....
Maria09/04/13101010Thank you for the response. I will .....

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2016-08-07 Meditation good or not:

varun,    If you continue to think in black/white terms, you will never fit in with life. You will find yourself constantly frustrated and unhappy. Why live this way?    There are no absolute answers.

2016-08-07 Meditation good or not:

varun, Thank you for your question.    Questions about cancer should be asked of medical experts (doctors). There are several doctors here at AllExperts.    Questions about mindfulness should be asked

2016-01-18 Stress and precum leak:

Many physiological reactions are possible as a result of acute stress. There is no particular importance to such reactions. The important thing is to learn meditation so that you can eliminate internal

2016-01-17 Stress and precum leak:

I don't understand your question. Please define "result is out" and "precum leak". I am not familiar with these terms.    Note that I can only give advice about meditation, as that is the only way to eliminate

2015-03-12 Why am I sick:

Philip, Thank you for your question.    We all accumulate stresses caused by our external challenges. Eventually these accumulated stresses interfere with our normal ability to handle any aspects


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