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Kindred Beisinger penname KD Elizabeth Beisinger

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I handle stress from a spiritual perspective. I can answer questions regarding stress in the home or workplace. I am willing to address any questions or concerns that cause stress or are a result of stress. I utilize an integrated modality of venting, meditation, journaling, prayer, relaxation, and a physical outlet in my method of stress management, but uniquely structured on an individual basis. I can offer insight and information for true and lasting peace, even if the circumstances and surroundings remain chaotic. I can assist and encourage you in reaching a lifestyle that reduces stress and learn new methods for handling tense and stressful situations that cannot be avoided.

Experience in the area

I have over fifteen years experience in this guidance counseling.


Many Voices, Creation Therapy, Illustrated Torah, Sweet Memories and Happy Plates, Simply Abundant

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Lani09/17/15thank you.
Autumn04/06/15101010Thank you Kindred for your kind advice! .....
Al03/28/11101010Thank you, I appreciate your suggestion and .....
Grace03/21/10101010Thank you much. Blessings.

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2012-09-12 Can't concentrate of studies:

Dear Butterfly Girl,  When we lose someone we care about through an argument or parting of the ways, we tend ruminate.  What could have been different?  What should I have said, differently?  What were

2011-03-21 feeling drained:

Dear Al,  I deal with negative people in my line of work as well.  I pray and take walks to avoid burnout.  That's the only solution I have ever come across that truly works.  As I walk, I talk to G-d

2010-08-09 hii:

Dear Anjali,  I think it's too soon for you to be in a new relationship.  You need to give yourself some time to get over your old boyfriend.  You need to do some healing before you try to have a relationship

2010-05-07 Dilemma:

Dear SKP,  From what you have written, it sounds like you have trouble choosing women of virtue that will be respectful of you.  If this woman is negatively impacting every part of your life, perhaps you

2010-03-20 possible stress- need prayer:

Dear Grace,  I am not a physician, but if these symptoms did not begin until the break-up, I'm guessing they are probably stress related, but . . . stress can affect physical symptoms in our bodies.  Our


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