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Shashank Shekhar Pandey


Relationship, Personality, Depression, Stress, Overweight / Obesity, any type of Physical, Mental & Emotional problems...... Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at LivePerson

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For the last 16 years, I am a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Spiritual Healer, Yoga Teacher and Therapist, psycho spiritual counsellor and Diet and Nutrition Expert. Ask a Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at Presto Experts


Alternative Medicine and Self Improvement Center.


B.A, Diploma in Psychotherapy, diploma in Yoga teaching and Therapy, diploma in Nutrition & Health Education, degree in Pranic & Spiritual healing and Master in Reiki.
Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at LivePerson

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varun08/08/16101010Dear Pandey, I have very much pleased .....
priya09/27/13my question was answered but I think .....
Ajay05/29/12101010Hi Shekhar, Thanks for your great support .....
Teg05/22/12101010thank you! i will try yoga

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2016-08-07 Meditation good or not:

Hello Varun,  Only who are already in the grip of depression are told not to do meditation. Meditation is a great remedy for stress. However, it does not protect from depression. Therefore, one should

2012-05-17 what can cause this?:

Hi Teg,  Any individual does not remain the same for ever. In fact, we are changing every moment physically, mentally and emotionally. It's a evolution process. However, this change is affected by many

2011-03-21 feeling drained:

Hi Al, Sometimes with some people it happens, particularly when working with people having mental disorders. They are not only highly negative but sucks another person's energy very fast. If there is only

2010-07-28 my weight:

Hello Mahesh,  I need to know your gender,height, eating patterns(when and what you eat mostly) and also what yogic kriyas you did and for how long and how long in one stretch. How your life style is?

2009-03-19 stress management:

Yes its possible to treat your impotence through herbals,yogic therapy, diet plan. I will send you solution of your problem in a day or two.  Wishing you all the best!  Shashank  You can contact me here


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