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Stress can be due to number of reasons in life. Stress is number one cause for health problems around the world. I offer stress management in Marriage, Divorce, Family relationships through Spiritual counselling (not religion) and build your Self esteem, Motivation.

Experience in the area

I offer Stress Management courses & workshops for corporates and work one on one with corporate managers to help them reduce their stress levels. I offer corporate seminars on Anger management, Stress management, Leadership seminars.
Certified NLP Practitioner, Counsellor. 14 years of rich experience in helping people to get out of stressfull period of life.


Transform Lifestyle.


Deccan Herald newspaper.


Delhi University, in Science.

Awards and Honors

As most of the other stress management programs are based on some part of religion guru involved etc. etc. I do not promote any specific relgion or sell you a gurudom theory. I would like to go deep into the stress cause by analysing your behaviour. I have been honored by Management colleges & MNC's for my contribution to bring peace and harmony in organizations.

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Corporate stress manager with MNC's as clients in India. Hundreds of online clients. Thousands are living happy life through seminars.

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becky10/19/09101010Thank you for your great wisdom and .....
Aly05/02/0810thank you.

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2010-10-01 stress:

Dear Shaik, you need to find out what is causing you stress & work on those issues. Prioritize them writing on a piece of paper & start acting on the things to be done. Life will become smooth. It's good

2009-12-19 losing concentration:

First divert your mind to something else from the business or stress. Imagine what will happen if you dont give exam, what are the losses you will face if you failed. Each word is important, do breathing

2009-11-06 how do I handle stress with family?:

Hi Alex,  Gaining weight & getting stressed because others are behaving in certain manner which is not acceptable to us is something we need to deal patiently. First we need to stop reacting to others

2008-07-09 My stress:

Hi Shyam, I would suggest you to consult doctor again, may be not same then try a counsellor. As in 4 lines it's really hard to judge what problem you are facing.  But ususally in counselling people do

2008-05-01 Stress-fighting energizing natural remedies?:

Hi Aly,  Deep breaths, eating right, Yoga, Mid day Nap etc. are the right solutions you mentioned.  But you are looking for faster solutions , how much faster can you go than just taking a deep breaths


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