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All questions relating to female health, her menarche to menopuase all the ailments that she suffer from. All sex related problems and all major diseases like cervical carcinoma etc.

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i have 6 year experience , I'm MD in Alternative medicine and gold medalist in ayurvedic medicine.in india


all details on my website


BAMS ,MD(AYURVEDA) chek my website---www.planetayurveda.com

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2015-05-16 normal/content mood on period:

Hello  All these depressive phases are coming and going due to hormone imbalance in your body  I suggest that avoid too much of coffee, tea and junk food.  Take more of veggie diet and drink lot of water

2015-05-03 pain after endometrial ablation:

Hello  Please don't be upset , these problems come up due to hormone imbalance .   I suggest that u start with safe herbal combinaitons for your problems and u will see good change in your condition. I

2015-04-13 irregular periods:

Hello  Please start with safe herbal combinations--  Punarnava mandoor--2 morning 2 evening  Female health support cap--1 morning 1 evening  Pradrantak churan--1 spoon daily  Chanderprabha vati--2 morning

2015-04-10 Vaginal problems !:

hello  Yes it can be yeast infection...please start with safe herbal combinations---  Gandhak Rasayan tab--2 morning 2 evening  Lucobans cap--2 morning 2 evening  pradrantak churan--1 spoon daily with

2015-04-09 Unexplained spotting:

hello  Nothing to worry, it is just hormonal changes coming up in your body. So don't worry  Drink coconut water , cranberry juice regularly  take Buttermilk, it helps    I suggest that u start with safe


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