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I`m collecting science-fiction books (most of them are Startrek related) so I am able to answer most questions about this subject.


I'm a member of the Dutch Startrek fanclub The Flying Dutch and I'm a member of the Dutch Startrek organization The Federation.

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Mike Jarmus04/25/04101010Thanks for your time Rudy, I knew .....
Kenny Johns01/19/02101010I will certainly follow-up on your timely .....
sal09/23/0110Thanks for your help!

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2009-12-17 Covers:

All kinds of paper will eventually deteriorate over time. The cheap wood-pulp paper of which paperbacks are made have a life expectancy between 10 and 30 years. Acid-free alkaline paper however will last

2007-09-16 Concorde Mini World Atlas:

This book pops up quite often at antiquarian bookshops. It certainly is beautifully designed and makes for a nice personal memento. As to the value, since there are still a lot of mint condition copies

2004-08-17 Original I, Robot:

Hey Mike,    As far as I know, Gnome was the original publisher of "I,Robot". Doubleday published the book in 1963.    I'm afraid I've no idea which one is more valuable. The value depends on the condition

2004-07-29 Antique books:

For an appraisal of your books you can go to your local antiquarian or you can contact the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (  I wouldn't recommend using Ebay before having

2004-04-23 Good Finds???:

I think you did really well. Thomas Macaulay books from that period usually sell for $10.   Schoolbooks from the 1920s aren't very rare but they always look good on a desk I think.     $6 for a Fielding


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