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Pretty much everything on ceramics

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I have been teaching for 16 years and I am certified in many different paint companies and techniques. I have been working with ceramaics for over 28 years.


I have BA in Radiology and many certification from Duncan , Gare, Kimple and many others.

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2017-01-07 Ceramic molds left outside:

The best way to clean them are with an air compressor. With mold it maybe hard to clean. Use a damp not wet sponge to clean out mold. Then put back together in the sun. If it is too wet it will take away

2016-04-20 how to get mildew and dirt out of ceramic molds:

The best thing to do is to get an air compressor and spray all stuff out with air. You can take a Dry towel and try that but if they get wet then it can hurt them. It will ruin the detail and the mold

2015-12-06 Slip-dipping fibers in low-fire clay:

The lace is very tricky. The lace can have 0 nylon in it or it will fall apart. The best thing to do is used thick cotton lace and then saturated in the slip till soaking wet put it on damp Green wear

2015-10-29 handprint impressions in clay:

Sorry  do molded ceramics. So not sure on the clay.  The glaze if put on very careful and even should fire fine. So it will not pool you could fire upside down on stilts.   High fire is easy and fast but

2015-01-26 Fashionhues for bisque:

Fashionhues are very tricky and messy. You need a lot of small rags. They are very nice when finished. First base coat. Take your color of FH and paint on then rub off with rags to desired look. I may


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