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Sometimes a person feels that he or she cannot accept being gay because of his religion or his culture. I can answer questions related to religion, coming out, and society/culture in either English or Spanish.

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I am a gay Christian who has lived in both the U.S. and Mexico. I was raised Southern Baptist.


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2016-04-16 how to stop a man from bisexual feelings:

Dear Rama,    Thank you for your question.  It can always be a bit of a shock when a partner you believed was heterosexual tells you that he/she has feelings for someone of the same gender.  You say you

2015-12-30 Sexual confusion:

Dear Parazo,    When it comes to being cautious in sexual experience, there is no such thing as making a mistake.  Mistakes are made under the opposite circumstances -- when we hurriedly make wrong decisions!

2015-02-22 confusing relationship:

Dear Marie,    Only you can answer your question about your sexuality -- and sometimes one doesn't come into acceptance until later in life.  However, you and your friend seem both convinced that you are

2014-05-23 coming out:

Dear Jeff,    Sure, it's absolutely possible.  Perhaps the fellow is just coming to terms with his sexuality.  It can take time to self-identify, especially if a person has stumbling blocks on the path

2014-02-23 does this letter make me sound like a nutcase:

Dear Jeff,    To be blunt, yes, your letter does make you sound like a "nutcase."  More than likely, you were very full of emotion and confusion when you wrote the letter, and although those individual


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