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I can answer all general questions. Warhammer, someWarhammer 40.000, Lord of the rings

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3.5 Years of Warhammer







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It is wery many possibilities, giving, boosts creativity,

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Improve Painting and Scenery

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you can do it almost anytime ( limits when stores is closed) Can be Fantasy, Historic or Sci-fi

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Recent Answers from Mosh

2015-10-28 inquiry about something:

Hello Again.    Your description of what a diorama to you seems fairly accurate. My image example is not a sequence just seen from different angles. The distinction from a display is that a display wants

2015-10-27 inquiry about something:

Deer Esteemed asker.    Let me just start to clear up your question.    To me the difference between Miniatures and Diorama is like this; Miniatures are meant to be replicas of other objects simply on

2014-03-24 Odd question about Warhammer 40,000:

Hi.    Let me first say i admire your guts and imagination in creating your own personal sci-fi universe. I will as best as i can try to clarify what the 40K in wh40k means.    To my knowledge 40k stands

2011-08-16 warhammer armies:

Hi.    Armies cant be combined in the way you are describing.     In warhammer fantasy though there is a list called the Dogs of War which contains units from different races. but getting the proper miniatures

2009-12-24 What type of miniatures are these?:

No clue where these miniatures fit. Looks Older than other stuff iv seen online and the scale is smaller than the miniatures for some games.    The best tip i can give you is to go check some shops that


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