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I am able to assist with reading patterns, in any format. I been crocheting for about 20+ years. Specialty in intricate pattern, adding bead, sequence, etc.

Experience in the area

Crochet, all type patterns. My favorite project to work on are baptism gowns, done in size 10 threads.


I am self taught. I have taught hundreds of students, of all ages and genders the art of crochet.

Awards and Honors

I have won various first price ribbons at fairs

What do you like about this subject?

Crochet is a way to relax, the rhythm of stitchng is soothing. The final product I take great pride and pleasure in, but I beleive the best part of it all is the reaction from a person that is given, and to see your piece being used and part of someones history.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I would like to see more people show interest in this great craft, so it can live for years to come

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

This craft was originally done by men.

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2016-08-29 Crochet instruction help.:

Hello Karen:    Thanks for the question.     from he information you gave me, you are skipping the 3 stitches, then doing the TR, then you are going back to work the skipped stitches, making sure you are

2016-08-17 Stuck on crochet tree pattern:

Hello Jean    Thanks for the question.    You mention increases and skips. The instructions you sent me have neither one. I just want to make sure you know some of the stitches in this pattern.  BPDC =

2016-08-13 Cotton crochet/knit yard:

Hello Mary:    They use to be different companies, but now they are not. They have merge and are the same company. The quality for what I can tell has changed. Its not a yarn that I work with often.  

2016-07-22 Crochet bells:

Hello Karen    Thanks for the question.     If they don't need to be cleaned, you can steam them into shape. I would suggest to wash them, then breast arch and rebook to the shape.    If you are going

2016-04-25 reverse instructions for right side of cardigan:

Hello Linda:    Thanks for the question.    Yes everything will stay the same from one side to the other. The difference will be you will end one side how you started the other. Once you do a few rows


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