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casting, manufacturing, mold making, hand fabrication, wax carving and diamond and stone setting

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I have been making jewelry for 42 years started with silver and now work with all metals silver, gold, palladium and platinum


due to unfortunate circumstances I only went to grade school

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Vicky02/08/14101010Thanks for the answer!
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Recent Answers from Gilbert Gomez

2014-10-13 Resizing ring and adding a stone.:

this is a loaded question, first I would need to know more about the ring, did you mean 14kt and does the ring need to be sized up or down how many sizes , does it have stones already ? what type are they

2014-02-06 retirement locket:

most retirement jewelry is made of 10, 14 or 18kt gold , I am not familiar with the markings you mentioned your best solution  would be to take it to a local jeweler or pawn shop and have it tested in

2014-01-31 Resin Coating Orchids:

hello Vicky. I already answered your question but probably didn't got thru in any case here you go. get some resin spray at a jewelry supply store (michael's also has some) spray the orchid and let dry


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