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I can answer any question relating to race including, but not limited to: dating, marriage, hate groups, diversity training, and muticultural race relations issues. In fact, I encourage you to just ask your question if it pertains to race at all. If it falls outside my area of expertise I'll tell you. But generally, if it concerns race, I'll have a few ideas. :-)

Experience in the area

"A brilliant, engaging, and informative speaker, Mr. Perkins provides viewpoints on race in America rarely discussed, in an effort to provide the best possible understanding on the subject. His personal life-changing experiences with racism have allowed him to bring a much-needed perspective on this subject. With more than 30 years of extensive exploration, passion and personal experiences he has proven to be an effective and competent speaker on race related issues."


Perkins is also the author of ‘Looking over Black Shoulders’ [ISBN: 0-9793927-1-3], a book that provides such an eye-opening perspective [literally] on the subject of racism that it has been compared to John Howard Griffin’s ‘Black Like Me.’.


AuthorALPerkins is the author of 5 books. He is a graduate of the Virginia Military Academy and Winston Salem State University.

What do you like about this subject?

Proving & disproving old myths about race relations effects on society.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

What I hope to achieve is simply providing individuals with a perspective on race that totally frees them from the guilt and shame often perpetrated through the media.

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Hi James.    I've thought about your question. Here are my thoughts:    It would be a far stretch to say it's racist to call "black people" persons of color. The truth is, is that we are all "colored"

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Hi K.    Interesting question but there is an answer. First, I can't speak to how dangerous it would be to live as a single white woman in a NYCHA apartment. After looking at the news of late, it's getting

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Hi Phil,    Interesting thought. Let me say that I don't think we can reduce being a "racist" to any particular political party. People from all walks of life regardless of political affiliation can harbor

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Wow! What an experience Priscilla! To answer your first question in regards to growing up in a racial utopia I personally would consider that to be a “bad thing”. And do I agree that everyone should have

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Hi Eleanor,    I’ve had a chance to review your question. In regards to the assertions made by these individuals the truth is that these comments probably do not warrant a drawn out analysis. They’ve basically


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