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I can answer questions on politics and current events from a conservative prospective. Topics can include defense, law, social issues, guns, the Constitution, crime etc. I can only comment on issues regarding the USA. I can play devils advocate.

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A general biography my fit more here so I offer the following. (it appears on on all my profiles) After all who we are affects our opinions or even inadvertently effect of statements of fact. I hold a AS from Eastern Conn. State Univ. and a BA from Trinity College, Hartford Ct. Plus 11 other professional certifications. I have received 31 awards for various activities. My writings published in ?The Other Voice? and other publications. I have had my original music published, licensed and recorded by David Kaye. I have been a guest on CyberRadio & TV and many other talk radio programs. I welcome interviews and I am willing to act as a technical advisor to various media. I am single and have resided in Hartford, Ct. since 1976. I have no children. I am a political conservative with libertarian leanings. I am a registered Republican. I am a Roman Catholic. I have worked in the following areas, entertainment, real estate, mortgage banking, and human services. I have owned 2 businesses. Some of my interests include politics, law, history, and current events.Hobbies I partake in include music, target shooting and cars (my Camaro rumbles) If you wish to find out more about me, feel free to visit my web page PEZmans World
You can find me in many other areas of

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U.S. Politics
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Supreme Court Cases
Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty
Miscellaneous, Serial Murder, Rape, Arson and other sexually motivated crimes
2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms
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Conspiracies & Extremism
Careers: Music
Hartford, Ct.
Trinity College, Hartford, Ct.
Eastern Connecticut State University

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2012-11-18 Businesses Size:

Unless it is a violates anti trust laws, Sherman Antitrust Act, Clayton Antitrust Act, or The Robinson–Patman Act; then there is no restriction on large a company can get.

2012-10-22 Those Nukes:

There no double standard. North Korea there already a state of war in effect. They have China  as a supporter making options limited. Plus that not talking about wiping another nation off the map. In Pakistan's

2012-09-24 I approved this message:

Yes there is a law that requires "I'm (so and so) and I approved this message". Basically ads run by the actual campaign  have to have that. There also 3rd party groups running ads. This ad was not run

2012-08-01 U.S. politics:

Hi,  Here ya go.  Party itself  For breaking news  http://www.washingtontimes

2012-07-31 U.S. politics:

Seeing how your view matches candidates view might be a good starting place.  See how opinion match with and which issue is important


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