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I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions relating to U.S. Politics.

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Criminologist. Professor of Criminal Justice. Licensed Private Detective with expansive clientele base encompassing hundreds of cases. Donates resources and time to the Children's Rescue Network in Orlando, FL.


Associate of Science; Bachelor of Arts; Master of Science, Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree. Graduate of the Law & Government Institute at W.U. School of Law. Concentration of studies in Administrative Law (also known as the "headless fourth branch of government"), and Constitutional Law.

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2016-08-06 Hillary:

James,    Thank you for contacting me with your question.  What exactly are her faults, you ask?  I know it can be tedious but the best way for me to answer you is to direct you to some articles and websites

2016-04-20 Small political paries:

Santhoshreddy,    What you are following right now in U.S. Politics is the National or Federal primary elections for the Republican and Democrat Parties.  A primary election is a preliminary election to

2016-04-20 Delegates:

Santhoshreddy,    Here's how the delegate system really works, with breakdowns of how many delegates the candidates will need to win their parties' nominations.    What are delegates?    Delegates attend

2015-10-11 Hi. Looking for any books or good material about the Bosnian War.:

Mark,    I recommend the book, "Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation," by Laura Silber and Allan Little.  See link here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0140262636?keywords=bosnian%20war&qid=144471342

2015-01-12 Passport Issuing Business Rules.:

Prashant,    1.  Yes.  Most nations issue passports that are valid for a ten year window.        2.  I am not exactly sure why the Ministry of External Affairs would change the validity or expiration of


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