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Kaustav Neogy

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returns 12/31/2017

i am comfortable with microsoft outlook express 5, its configuration, operation, maintenance, backup and data recovery. i can help in configuring mail accounts like pop3, imap, smtp etc.

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i am using outlook express for the last 3 years and think it to be quite simple and effective and easy to manage.

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duane01/12/15101010Great advice, thanks...
David08/24/061010Once again, there is no hyperlink option .....
David08/24/06101010There is no hyperlink icon in the .....

Recent Answers from Kaustav Neogy

2006-06-16 not recieving e-mails from 1 person:

Hi Jennifer,    sorry I should have been more clear. By "mail" I meant the email provider like Hotmail, Yahoo etc. Also, do you use any email client like Outlook Express or MS Outlook? If you do, they

2006-06-15 not recieving e-mails from 1 person:

Hi Jennifer,    it might be that one person's email id is in your blocked sender's list or his/her email domain is not allowed by your mail provider. Which mail are you talking about by the way?

2006-06-05 Red X in E-mails?:

Hi Dave,    if you can view some emails with pictures and some display as a red cross, then very likely those pictures has not been attached properly in the email. Alternately, you can check your settings

2005-11-17 duplicate ...attachments.?:

Hi Rolfe,    If you use Outlook Express to check your Yahoo mails, then probably you can (I am assuming that you will be able to do this if you have got the attachment within nested mail messages).   

2005-11-17 duplicate ...attachments.?:



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