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I can answer questions pertaining to the internet (Firefox, browsing, downloads, add-ons, blocks, etc) or questions like how to install a software, burn a DVD/CD, change the background/screen-saver/logon screen, use Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint and other basic programs. I can answer questions relating to Macintosh and Windows computers.

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I had used a Macintosh and Windows for more than 4 years. For school purposes as well as entertainment, I had used very many software to burn DVDs, fix pictures, etc. and had explored a great deal my computer and its capacities. I fixed the problems that my computer had, including crashes, viruses and other issues.


A university student studying computer courses. I can also answer questions in French if need be.

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Tina03/02/16101010Thank you for explaining spamming to me!
Jeff07/22/15101010Thank you so much for explaining everything .....
Pablo06/30/13101010Thank you very much for the very .....
Ted07/29/11101010Thanks very much! Will give your suggestions .....

Recent Answers from Anna

2017-03-16 Trouble connecting:

Hi Dave,    I'm not sure I can help you with this, but here are things you can try.    1) Have you unplugged the transceivers where possible? Wait a min or so and then plug them back in. I think it had

2016-02-29 What is spamming?:

Hi Tina,    Sorry about that. Under Youtube's terms it was spamming. I don't think there's actually a specific number of times; if Youtube "sees" something copied multiple times on different videos (or

2015-09-10 printing private reading log:

Hi Jeff,    When you click on the Settings icon (the gear symbol) on the top right of Internet Explorer, does the word "print" show up in that menu? If that does not work, you can try to cut the text area

2013-06-30 Game to help keyboarding:

Hi Pablo,    A simple question, but a hard answer! I do have quite a few ideas in mind but they're all websites as I've always used websites to practise. If you go on google and type "typing games" you

2011-08-05 How to view pictures from the Mozilla Firefox Internet cache?:

Hi Nick,    Now it's nice that you probably haven't deleted days old caches like I always do.   1- You could copy that path (you gave me above) that leads to cache and paste it into your browser. Then


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