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I can answer a wide variety of questions pertaining to making the most of cyberspace.

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I have been using cyberspace and the Internet for over 15 years.

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Chris08/31/16101010That was a fast reply, thank you!
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Recent Answers from Scottgem

2017-03-16 Connecting to Internet Ptroblem:

I can't be much help. But I can explain the DNS stands for Domain Name server. There are a series of DNS machines all over the world that translate the URL you enter (i.e. to an IP address

2016-08-31 Windows 10 update. Where did they go?:

The Edge Browser that comes with Win 10 is different from previous versions of IE. The File, Edit and View options don't exist. Favorites are there in the Star and Tools can be access thru the menu icon

2016-06-12 E readers:

Not sure if I'm the best person but I'll give it a shot.    E-Books come in several formats. Some e-readers can read multiple formats others are more limited. So I would talk to your librarians and see

2014-07-11 Home page:

If you are using Internet Explorer you can export your settings to a file and transfer that file to the new PC. When you go to a site, the address of that site (called a URL) appears in the address bar

2014-03-07 Cyber-Education:

Not sure how you define "Cyber-Education". I define it as using the Internet to train.     This is not a true area of expertise for me, but I do know something about it. There are many tools available


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