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All aspects of the internet, from a simple search to just checking the weather!! Can help the new user get set up and help open up a new world in cyber space!!

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Been using the computer for 10 years and can find almost anyhting on the internet as easy as looking in a phone book for a number!!


BS in Business and Marketing, with a minor in Management

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Frank12/26/10101010Thank you VERY much. Your advise helped .....
M06/11/09101010Thank you Steve, I really liked your .....
Julie03/29/07101010Wonderful! Thanks so much! It worked!

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2011-06-29 transfering photos onto email:

Hi,  Not sure if i can walk you thru but, are the photos still on your camera??? If they are you can upload them to your own folder/ and or/ your own computer. If that is impossible, you can e-mail the

2011-05-24 twitter:

Hi Lisa,  I am not familiar with Twitter myself, but i would not mind if an outsider contacted me in that way. Being Twitter is very public i do not think there would be any imposition...Sorry i do not

2010-12-24 Internet Search:

Frank,  Go to and download the free program, it is easy to install, then go to and download the free version of AVG antivirus. Use both programs, clean everything out then re-boot

2010-12-24 Internet Search:

Frank,  You need to delete and clan out all temp fies, then use your virus scan to see what it finds, clean all that out and contact me again...  Good luck!    STEVE

2009-06-10 administrator password:

Hi Manda,  Sorry you have been put thru this. I am not to good with the password aspect, if i were you, take your computer to Best Buy and let the geek squad help you re-set the password, or if you think


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