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I am a retired Middle School teacher. I am an expert in grammar (structure of the English language) and writing. I have been a volunteer with AOL Ask A Teacher and have submitted many articles and special collections (one on diagramming sentences and one with worksheets and answers so students can check their own practice on grammar skills) to their knowledge database. I still am with them but would like other work where I can help students with their English study. I have time to help you with this, if you want me. I can help with grade school, middle school and high school grammar & writing and can also look up information on literature (reading) for students and help them with it. Please let me know if I can be of help in these areas. Thank you. Rosemary Lenc

Past/Present Clients

Have helped many, many students in grade school language arts, middle school and high
school grammar and writing in both the chat rooms (live help that AOL use to have) and
message board answers plus the many students i have taught as a teacher.

What do you like about this subject?

I just enjoy helping students learn about the structure of the English language. Hopefully, they will then have an easier time learning other languages.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Always enjoying learning more! Nothing specific in the field but one never knows when one will learn something new. :)

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

That learning English will help you learn many other languages and that in learning other languages helps in the study of English.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Diagramming sentences is "old" but I feel it helps students learn how the words in a sentence are related in a graphic way and thus helps some students learn the basics in the study of English sentences and thus communicate in writing in a better way.

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Anna Claire 05/07/14101010thank you !!!
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Recent Answers from Rosemary Lenc

2016-03-21 stilts in diagramming:

Dear Jennifer,    First, you need to realize you have a compound sentence. Always diagram the first independent clause first and then down below that one, the second independent clause.  First independent

2015-07-24 diagramming:

Dear Julie,    I will give you my website that has a lot of information in English grammar and diagramming.  First, I will tell you the part of speech that your sentence words are.  Sentence:  Jesus often

2015-04-30 analysis of subject and predicate in interrogative sentence:

Dear Gridihari,  Generally, one can turn an interrogative question into a statement to find subject and verb.  Your sentence: would then be a statement, like this.    Your favorite story is which.  , Now

2015-03-23 sentence diagram:

Dear James,  Did you take this sentence,, because I can't believe a teacher would give this one. It is very difficult to diagram it as   it contains 2 main clauses, 3 dependent, clauses, 1infintive phase

2014-09-11 Identifying simple subjects and predicates:

Dear Mrs. Styles,  In a question sentence, always try to put it into a statement.   Have you seen something so fantastic?  You have seen something so fantastic.  Then the simple subject is shown to be


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