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I can answer any questions on grammar and writing, creative writing, or literature. If you are doing it for your English or Language Arts class, I should be able to give you a hand. I can also help with poetry analysis.

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I have taught 8th, 9th, and 10th grade English and Literature, and Communications. And, oddly, 7th grade Math! I am presently a school librarian.


BA in Secondary Education BA in English MFA in Creative Writing

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2016-01-06 diagramming a simile, picking parts of speech:

Oh my, that one is complicated!  I really dislike diagramming and don't make my kids do it!    I am not really sure how to diagram this sentence and will need to go do this as my homework also.    Sorry


In your first example the key term you are looking at is assisted-living home.  Assisted and living must be kept together.  This is an elderly care situation where the older people are helped to care for

2013-11-29 A language usage question:

If someone said the situation was technology-exacerbated it would mean that the situation was complicated or made worse somehow by the technology.  It does not mean the technology was harmed in some way

2013-11-27 Diagramming Sentences:

I really dislike sentence diagramming.  I never make my students do this!  I am not all that good at it myself!  However, I can tell you why you are having difficulty with these and give you a push in

2013-07-24 Dialogue Writing:

I don't know if its okay to be informal.  You need to ask your teacher.    When writing dialogue, you should write the way people really talk.  I like it when my students use their imagination and create


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