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Science Fair Judge for many years and experience with robotics, biology, chemistry, industrial processes, metalurgy and metal forming.

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Science Fair Judge for many years and have helped several students get to state level competition. Most recently 2 of my students received state level awards and one went on to the nationals in Washington DC.


BA Archaeology - Anthropology
MA Business Anthropology

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Recent Answers from Ralph Salier-Hellendag

2016-10-02 HHelp:

Hi Aishwarya,    Think of the word "matter" as a generic term.  Like "energy" it is generic.  There are different states of matter: solids, liquids and gases.  Some include plasma in the "matter" category

2016-09-28 question about eggs:

Hi Kayla,    I understand your confusion and concern for the baby in the egg.  First of all, the baby duck is not breathing for a long time, in fact it does not need to breath until just before it hatches

2016-09-21 Carbination:

Hi Michelle,    That is a very good question.  In the can, you have the drink and carbon dioxide gas (the bubbles).  When you shake the can, it causes the gas to come out of solution (the gas is dissolved

2016-02-02 Science question:

Hi Anita,    IT has to do with something called vapor pressure.  As you may already know there are solids, liquids and gases, these are three of the stages of matter.  When a liquid becomes solid, this

2016-01-27 A chemical reaction:

Hi AB,    This comes from Wikipedia:    With bromide ions    The bromide ions are strong enough reducing agents to reduce the concentrated


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