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I can answer questions from kids in all grades in the areas of general science, biology and nature study

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I have been a teacher for over 55 years and have spent many years doing hands-on science with elementary and middle school students.


The Ohio Journal of Science
Momentum: The Journal of the Catholic Educational Association


B.S Ed Kent State University
M.Sc. The Ohio State University

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2017-02-18 Help:

Hi Aisharya   I wish I could tell the name of this tree but all I know is that it is a species of Palm.  I know this because I was traveling in a rain forest  in Belize when our guide cut a branch off

2017-02-17 Help:

All I can tell you is that this tree is a type of Palm found in the rain forest. I observed it myself when I was  with a guide in Belize. He cut a branch with a machete and drank the fresh water that poured

2017-01-30 Diameter:

Hi Iris   I assume we are talking about a sphere since you are considering diameter. Increasing diameter will reduce speed because the mass is increased. This would mean a greater surface area and weight

2017-01-25 Help:

Hi Ashwarya    I have some problems understanding exactly what you are asking here because there are a lot of typing and spelling errors. Here are my comments based upon what you have asked    First of

2016-12-29 Help:

The lungs do not purify air. Only atmospheric gases enter the alveoli and the only gas exchange with carbon dioxide and oxygen although toxic gasses like carbon monoxide me enter the blood stream . Solid


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