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I can answer questions from kids in all grades in the areas of general science, biology and nature study

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I have been a teacher for over 55 years and have spent many years doing hands-on science with elementary and middle school students.


The Ohio Journal of Science
Momentum: The Journal of the Catholic Educational Association


B.S Ed Kent State University
M.Sc. The Ohio State University

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2016-12-29 Help:

The lungs do not purify air. Only atmospheric gases enter the alveoli and the only gas exchange with carbon dioxide and oxygen although toxic gasses like carbon monoxide me enter the blood stream . Solid

2016-12-06 Help:

Hi Aishawarya    I believe your confusion may be due to your interpretation of the term especially when thinking about adjectives like "respiratory" and the noun "respiration". cellular respiration and

2016-06-13 Science:

Hi Jenny;  I do not get many questions from the Philippines but it looks like you have good schools there.    The things you mention all can have an effect on your health.  Things added to our foods sometimes

2016-05-23 plants:

Hello Ana   I am sure you know that plants and animals must reproduce themselves in order for the next generation to survive.. Flowers are the reproductive structures of plants They produce seeds which

2016-03-03 Potential and kinetic energy.:

Hi Lisa   Lets look at the definitions here first   Potential energy is the energy that an object has because of its position O rbecaus eof its chemical nature while kenetic energy I energy of motion


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