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I can answer almost any student science question! I especially like ones involving silkworms, spacecraft and computers.

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MIT graduate. Have worked as an engineer and taught science for 28 years.

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Recent Answers from Sue Kayton

2014-04-15 Holes in Rocks:

None of the above.  There are many reasons you find holes in rocks.    1)  You've probably seen conglomerate rock.  Think of a mass of pebbles in the bottom of a sandy riverbed.  Rocks mixed with sand

2014-03-15 Physics (mechanics):

The body moves forward, and the air moves backwards.  You can see the body moving, but you don't see the air moving backwards.  Likewise, when you walk south, you push the Earth a little bit north.  But

2014-03-12 Science Fair Project Help ASAP:

Use as little as you can measure accurately.  The most important thing is to have a high ratio of iodine to the material you are testing.  Having a nice warm room temperature will also make the reaction

2014-03-11 Science Fair Project Help ASAP:

Use smaller quantities of cooking oil and larger quantities of iodine.  If you put one drop of iodine in a great big jar of oil, it will take forever.  Use a tiny bit of oil (1-2 cc's, or a teaspoon) and

2014-01-31 science fair crisis .:

To connect with audience, maybe make two batches of chocolate chip cookie.  Make one normal and one with lots of blue food coloring.  Cut them into small pieces and invite people to taste them.      The


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