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I can help you solve problems involving fractions, decimals, ratios, and algebra. I can teach you how to do math faster, and even in your head. I can teach math definitions, and help you study, if necessary. Please do not ask any graphing, trigonometry, or calculus questions. Try to work through homework questions before asking for assistance.


Math class, yeah!

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2016-09-01 Help:

Hello, Aishwarya.    In math, a "number" is an abstract concept used to denote an amount. For example, "9" onions means that there exist an amount of 9 separate onions.    Numbers don't really exist, not

2016-07-23 Help:

Hello, Apsara.    I'm not certain what your statement of "Then counting numbers are only different and counting numbers including 0 are different" means. Could you rephrase?    The natural numbers are

2016-07-16 Logic Puzzle:

Hello, Peter.    That is true, but it's just another ad hoc "solution" to this "math" problem. Actually, it's probably worse than the direction answer: E goes back one to give you the next numerator, D

2016-07-14 Logic Puzzle:

Hello, Peter.     Admittedly, I was stumped. I had to ask another person. E/R = D/S = N/U = L/W.    Why L? The answer lies in realizing that the letters represent directions. N, S, W, and E stand for North

2016-06-24 Why is - x + = - and - x - = +:

Hello, Aubreyepain.    I'm sorry for the delay in responding.    A negative number times a negative equaling a positive number can (and a negative times a positive equaling a negative) is determined to


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