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I can answer most questions in maths for kids

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I have done my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and work in the technology area. Maths for Kids should be easy. I can answer questions in this area.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

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2017-02-10 Help:

hello,    I am not sure if I understand your question correct. However, if you are asking why percentage is per 100 and not per 1000 or 10, the response is   - it is per 100 because that is what the mathematicians

2016-07-22 help:

Hello,  I would love to help you understand the number system. But could you help me understand more about your background. What grade are you? is there any particular sub topic in the number systems that

2013-08-21 math going into 6th grade.:

Hi Alan,    I am guessing that it's the decimal numbers that are making the addition seem complex. So, I would recommend the following:  1. Write the two decimal numbers in the same format. That is, each

2012-01-24 math:

Hi Kiarra,    I am sure which grade are you studing, so I am not sure if you are familiar with squares and square roots. So, let me try to keep it simple.  If you notice, the next number in the sequence

2011-02-22 Math Question- URGENT- ASAP RESPONSE:

Hi Eileen,    The perimeter of the fence is 24 feet. Since its a rectangular fence, the perimeter is   length X breath    24 = 2 X 2 X 2 x 3    Therefore, the   various combinations of the length and breadth


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