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Just about anything to do with the Solar System, comets, asteroids, etc., the Universe, space in general.

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Amateur astronomer with expertise in Solar System and deep-space astronomy.


BA, liberal arts with emphasis in sciences.

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Recent Answers from Paul Braxton

2014-04-26 the sun:

Hello, Lizzie...and thanks for using AllExperts  The answer to your question is that the Earth spins from east to west. Imagine what the path of the sun would look like if Earth rotated from north to south

2013-02-09 comet:

Hello Bob...and thanks for using AllExperts  As a comet enters the inner solar system, it's warmed by the sun. Due to this warming, gases and dust are literally boiled off the comet and swept away from

2010-03-23 ask a question:

Hello Brendan...  We just don't know if there are other forms of life beyond our own Earth. We know for sure that there are other planets far, far away in space and there's no reason that some of them

2009-12-06 sound and the Expanding Universe:

Hello Christy...and thanks for using AllExperts  The "sound" that you heard from the beginning of the universe is technically known as the cosmic microwave background radiation (..CMBR..) It's not actually

2009-11-22 saturn:

Hi, Melissa...and thanks for using AllExperts  The rings of Saturn look like they're solid and that you could just walk around on them like you would on a sidewalk. The truth is far different though; Saturn's


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