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Answer questions on astronomy and American space exploration.

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Amateur astronomer-32 years, Solar System Ambassador/Saturn Observation Campaign-NASA, columnist in 40 newspapers on the American space program. Presentations to schools-preschool to college for over 30 years.


NASA/JPL-Solar System Ambassador, NASA/JPL-Saturn Observation Campaign


Over 40 newspapers monthly, Associated Press, USA Today Website


AA/BME/MME-Southern Baptist College, Arkansas State University, monthly training telecons-NASA

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Recent Answers from Kenneth Renshaw

2011-10-16 Whirlpool Galaxy:

Hi, Deborah-thanks for writing.  The Whirlpool galaxy is, like the Milky Way, composed of about a hundred billion stars and lots of gas and dust.  It's called the whirlpool as it is a spiral galaxy seen

2010-06-13 Comets:

Hi, Tommy, thanks for writing.  History of Comets-for many years considered an omen of doom. Halley discovered a comet, that now bears his name, returned periodically.  Comets have been observed since

2010-04-04 Time in space:

Hi, George, thanks for writing.  According to Einstein's theory of relativity, time slows down as speed is increased, so it is the movement, not space itself that changes progression of time.  At the speed

2010-03-18 the moon:

Hi, Nicole, thanks for writing.  When you move, an object changes position by the same amount that you have moved.  That is, the amount AT THE LOCATION OF THE OBJECT.  You would have to move hundreds of

2010-03-12 pluto:

Hi, Michael, thanks for writing.  When a number of objects were found beyond Neptune, including one actually larger than Pluto, the International Astronomical Union felt obligated to define a planet, since


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