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I can answer any questions on investment strategies. Specifically, my expertise lies in long term investment strategies designed to beat market performance while reducing risk. Not get rich quick schemes, but solid investing strategies. DO NOT SEND ME YOUR HOME WORK QUESTIONS! Over one half of the questions I receive are clearly students in finance or economic classes asking for answers to their homework questions. Most of these come from India. I won't answer them, do your own work. However, I welcome all investors trying to negotiate how to invest in stocks, mutual funds, ETF's, and other investments.

Experience in the area

15 years in a leadership role at a financial research company. We sell research to institutions such as Wells Fargo, Fidelity, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Bank of NY, Scotia Bank, and others.


Florida International University, University of Florida

Past/Present Clients

Wells Fargo Advisors, Fidelity, Scotia Bank, Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ, Factset, Bloomberg, Bank of NY, CBSMarketWatch, Hoovers, Multex, Yahoo Finance, Zacks, Earthlink Finance, numerous large institutions and hedge funds, subscribers to

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Randy02/09/17101010Thank you so much Paul
Kenneth01/01/17101010Thanks for the reply and explanation!
Esther10/04/16101010Thank you kind sir, for taking time .....
Matt06/03/16101010Thank you so much.

Recent Answers from Paul Henneman

2017-02-08 stock brokers:

Randy,    Thank you for your question!    Typically the account would be transferred to another brokerage firm. Here is a great explanation of that on the FINRA website, which is the organization that

2016-12-27 Bonds:

Kenneth,    Thank you for your question. There are two ways to earn income from bonds: The bond yield is one. This is usually very stable source of income. The other is the price of the bond. The value

2016-10-25 Investing outside of my IRA:

Greetings Cate,    Thank you for your question!    First, what is a low fee index fund?  These are funds that invest exactly into an overall index in the market. For example, an S&P500 index fund like

2016-09-27 Help! We've never invested ... re visit:

Thank you for the question!    I apologize for the delay in replying. For some reason, some of the questions from this forum don't get to me the first time, and all I see is the reminder after the question

2016-05-26 Charles swab:

Leah,    Thank you for your question!    Scwhab is fine, very comparable to the other discount brokerage firms online.  Others to consider would be Scottrade, Etrade, TDAmeritrade, Interactive Brokers


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