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Juan Carlos Valencia


Trends in modern Jazz, artists biographies, recommended discographies, contrasts with other genres, Latin Jazz, Fusion, Radio programming, Jazz in Colombia, Jazz around the world

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I've worked as Jazz DJ at college & community radio stations since 1992.


PhD in Media Communication

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Luke03/18/09101010Thanks this helps a lot
Tom09/13/07101010great, thanks alot for the help - .....
Mick04/23/07101010Thank you very much. Great help.

Recent Answers from Juan Carlos Valencia

2011-03-29 Latin Jazz:

Well Louisa,    it is basically bebop or swing with a special emphasis on percussion and rhythm, influenced by Cuban popular music styles from the first half of the 20th century. It may emphasize brass

2010-04-30 follow up: Jazzy - bluesy - cabaret female singers:

Well Didier,    there may not be too many people doing things like you describe, or at least they do not have the notoriety that they deserve. I could suggest two other names that my fit your description

2009-11-11 popofoni vinýl album:

Dear Kari,    Popofoni is not in the 'official' discography of either Garbarek nor Rypdal. The closest album name in which both worked together is African Pepperbird, recorded for ECM in 1970:    http://www

2009-03-15 Jazz and swing in the great depression:

Dear Luke,     your question is very interesting but also very broad. There are books about this topic. I would recommend you to get a hold of the Ken Burns public TV documentary series "Jazz" produced

2008-04-08 Alguien vive???:

Hola German,    muchas gracias por su amable mensaje.    Estoy empezando un doctorado en Comunicacion en sydney, Australia, asi que despues de 12 años, tuve que dejar la programacion de Jazz la Hora, con


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