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I can answer questions on jazz theory, artists, styles, etc. I am a bass player, but I have a good knowledge of all the instruments.

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I have been a bass player for over 20 years. I am an active Jazz musician in my area.


BM Jazz Performance BA Music Ed MA Music Composition

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I am a student of Jazz. Jazz is so intricate, yet so accessible. What is there not to like?

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Recent Answers from Guy Percy

2016-11-30 Trumpet lead Jazz bands with no saxophone:

Hello,     I apologize for the long time to respond.  Yes there are bands that just have trumpet, but you have to search for them.  I know miles davis did some stuff with no saxophones.  I wisbh I could

2015-12-20 George Benson:

Hello,    This is a very subjective question.  I believe that it is ignored because it was that time when Benson was making a transition over to pop and away from traditional jazz and standards.  The jazz

2015-12-11 Sonny Rollins, Chet Baker and Tony Mann:

Hello,      I have done research and can find no evidence of these guys playing together.  Don't have a ton of info on Tony Mann, but Chet was a cool jazz player and Sonny was a bop player for the most

2015-06-17 Style in Poirot and Gosford Park:

Hello,    Since I was not familiar with either of these shows/movies i pulled up the songs on youtube.  The theme for Poirot is what most people would call smooth jazz.  Dave Koz is probably the biggest

2015-03-19 Music:

Hello,      I am assuming you are asking how Negro Spirituals relate to ragtime.  Early jazz music took a variety of elements of spirituals and slave songs as well as elements of Western(i.e. European)


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