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I can answer just about any question relating to the BL (boys love) or yaoi genre. I can not answer questions about when things will be released in Japan, though I can answer questions about release dates in the US. I do not have any information on general anime series. Please only ask me a question if you have one about BL or yaoi manga or OAV's.

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I have been one of the brains behind the website Boys Next Door for seven years, written reviews on manga released in the genre and run panels at Anime Conventions


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There was a genre called shonen-ai, before it got the negative conotations that it has now. Originaly this term was used to refer to an aesthetic seen in Kaze to Ki no Uta (Song of Wind and Trees) and Heart of Thomas . This aesthetic revolved around pretty boys in impossible situations and usualy involved on of the characters dying.

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Alora04/11/11101010Wow, thanks so much for the fast .....

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2013-03-08 hentaigirlfriend:

Hey there.   Hentai is one way of saying perverted, or pervert in Japanese.   What your friends are talking about are erotic anime films for adults. In the U.S.A, these have gotten the label of hentai

2011-04-11 Could you tell me about...:

Sure!  You might want to start off with Gravitation. It's very light, and not even truly BL, but it does have the two main characters in a relationship. And, it has some of the manic and zany qualities

2008-02-15 What to do:

Well if her Mom is a teacher at the school, and she's not allowed to have boyfriends, I can definitely see where the boy in question would be leery of crossing her mother.    I still think you should all

2008-02-09 What to do:

Well sweetie, this really isn't my area of expertise, but I'll give it a shot.    You're not going to like this answer very much, but it's the honest truth.  Stick it out.  Stay friends with both of them


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