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I can answer questions about Pre-K 5th grade. How to listen and talk to your child.Discipline that makes sense and much, how to understand your childs behavior and more. I am able to answer questions about teens,as well I have worked sucessfully with teens in foster care and a teen center, I have a great understanding of teens behavior.

Experience in the area

I am retired teacher.(2005)and administrator. I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate(CASA) with the Juvenile Court for the past 6 years. Working with children and teens in foster care. I am a S.T.E.P.( Systematic Training For Effective Parenting) Parent Educator, and I am preparing to conduct workshops in my community.


Masters in Early Childhood Education/Certification in instructional Leadership Court Appointed Special Advocate(CASA) (Volunteer) S.T.E.P Parent Educator/Leader-(Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) Parent-Aide Oasis Counseling Center

Awards and Honors

Teacher of the Year Judical Commendation Award from the Juvenile Court

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Shareef01/14/16Thanks Dr Swaby for your prompt response .....
Nikoo 01/21/1510 
Desperate Mommy10/30/12101010Great advice... already progress in our house! .....

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2016-08-26 Advice about a son.:

Hi Wend,   Thank you so much for writing. I fully understand I have to sons, grown now,but oh,the memories:)  I also understand your sons feeling. Again thank you for writing....I think I can help. "Are

2016-06-07 Can you teach a three?:

Yes, the only difference would be the language.  Children  learn  basically  the same, however,  the developmental stages may differ. Once you begin working with the child you  will know if what your doing

2016-06-06 Can you teach a three?:

 Yes, you can teach a three-year old to read, you can start by reading to the child asking questions regularly as you read the story. Showing the child that we read from left to right using your finger

2016-01-12 7-year old with low self-confidence issues:

Hi Shareef,    Thank you so much for writing. I can understand your concern. Have you asked your daughter why she allows others to get in front of her at the bus stop and why she gives away her toys? Her

2015-01-22 the kid's ages lol:

Dear Teg,    Thank you for your quick response. We have pre-k here in the USA which starts at 4 years old and then Kindergarten which starts at 5 years old. I thought you were talking about teenagers:)


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