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4 years Varsity, 4 Years D1, 20 years Head Coach, 10 years Professional Instructor, 16 years Umpire (NCAA, MILB). Graduate of Jim Evans Professional Umpire School.


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2014-07-22 When does a pitch start:

If the runner from third came home and the batter fouled the pitch off, then the runner goes back to third.  As far as when does the pitch start? The first movement from the set position in either the

2014-06-11 balk rule:

No, he can spin and throw or fake to second, the only requirement is that his free foot goes back past the rubber towards second   As a pitcher, you must always step towards the base you are throwing to

2014-02-09 umpiring:

The run does not count. The strike three is effectively a force out. If the runner had crossed the plate before the time of the pitch, then it would count. Here is an example of why the runner does not

2013-08-31 thrown bat injuring a catcher:

This is a difficult question since there are many different interpretations depending on level of play. I will assume this was not milb rookie league playoffs that are happening now here in Florida.  First

2013-06-27 usssa:

Mike,    Unless your son is dead set against it, play up at least one year. If he is serious about baseball, he should always be playing with better players, he will reach his potential sooner and learn


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