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I would prefer questions regarding coaching from atom to pee-wee, ages 7 to 14. I have no problems answering questions about coaching other sports. General questions: baseball rules, setting up a little league, establishing emergency action plans, coaching skills, techniques, discipline, rewards, sport/league promotion.

Experience in the area

played 10 years (approx.)in organized (local) baseball.
8 years coaching experience


Coaching Association of Canada
3M National Coaching Certification


University (CompSci)

What do you like about this subject?

Watching children learn new skills, develop a healthy attitude towards sports and growth as individuals.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

How to deal effectively with difficult parents and aggressive coaches.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

FUN first. Team spirit and sportsmanship comes naturally with good coaching. Baseball is just a question of inches. One inch either way and it can be a strike, a pick-off at second or a foul ball in left field. Coach your team to erase any doubt about the "inches" of baseball.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Its the parents who are the hardest to coach. Get them involved and keep them informed. Refuse to allow bad coaches in your association. These are the coaches who refuse to teach weaker players, who believe winning is more important than coaching and who only want to "sleep with the trophy".

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2016-09-03 timing pitching:

Hi Tom.  The children I coached were more in need of basic instruction, mechanics mostly.  Your son requires more seasoned instruction, beyond my ability, more like HS or College instruction.  I had the

2015-12-26 hitting:

Hi Larry,    you answered your own question there, my friend.  Practice.   Just keep him practicing in batting cages and with you pitching (if you are able).  It's just a matter of continual exposure and

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Hi Roy,    I believe the pitcher can change arm during his pitching game BUT not during an "at bat" sequence.  If s/he starts pitching left against a batter, s/he must finish throwing left. For the next

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Hi Larry,    I'm not sure having a good sidearm is a bad thing.  Most infielders should have a good sidearm throw and I think statistically that's the most often used throw for infielders.  Now, if the

2013-04-22 confidence problems with my 8yr old:

Hi Sherry,    you are right - this is a confidence problem.  We all go thru this, some struggle more than others.  The only fix is to just encourage him not to give up and that everyone has the same fear


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