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I can answer questions on New Age philosophy, as well as meditation, channeling, reincarnation, wicca, ascended masters, and the tarot.

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Personal study, participation in a New Age/metaphysical study group, and I have written books entitled Reincarnation: A Bibliography (Garland), Channeling: A Bibliogrpahic Exploration (Garland), and Consulting Spirits (Greenwood). I also read the tarot.


United Lodge of Theosophy Universal Faithists of Kosmon


Reincarnation: A Bibliography (Garland) Channeling: A Bibliographic Exploration (Garland) Consulting Spirits (Greenwood) "It's in the Cards" (a newspaper article about the tarot)


B.A., Behavioral Science; MTS, Theological Studies

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Tynan 07/31/1610 
Maria10/17/1210Thanks for the fast reply although remote .....

Recent Answers from Joel Bjorling

2016-07-30 Meditation:

I am not an active meditator, but it seems to me that the results are varied.  I used to think it was kind of ethereal, but, really, it  just relaxation and focusing your attention.  When you mediate,

2015-08-06 my reincarnation and live crise:

Life is a matter of choice. It is very much what we make it. It is in our hands.  To be sure, there will be conflicts, but we can--and need to--get through them.  There are times we have to step back,

2015-07-31 my reincarnation and live crise:

I'm not clear what your question is.  You talk about many different things.  I ask those questions to help isolate what may be concerning you most.  I think you have more issues than I can deal with here

2015-07-30 my reincarnation and live crise:

You seem to be facing a lot of issues.  You're being "distracted" might indicate an "attention deficit disorder," but you'd have to talk to a doctor about this.  The idea of "feeling different" or "living

2013-06-20 confusion of law of attraction:

I can't much on the law of attraction.  I  really don't believe in it.  I don't agree that you can draw what you desire to yourself because we don't always get what we want.  I am a skeptic at best. I


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