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Who or what is God? What is Heaven? What is the meaning of life? Who am I? What is happiness? Why is there Evil? What is Sin? What is The Bible? What is the spirit or soul?

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I have been a student of comarative religions for more than 25 years, and I am currently a student of Ruharia Adi Da Samraj. My primary area of study is the dynamics of the Guru/Devotee relationship.

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Sunil Mahabir11/23/11101010 
Sunil Mahabir11/23/11101010Thanks for the answer
Henrik10/10/1010i liked your answer btw, it should .....

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2013-09-02 Light Ships:

Dear Todd,     I apologize but I do not have any idea why this phenomena should exist, or why it should happen to you with frequency, all honesty I have problems explaining what, who or why I am

2012-11-13 god:

Dear Hank,    Interesting Question, and quite a tangent from your original inquiry.    In answer to your question, ….Possibly.    It could be said that some 60’s Songs were based upon aspects of some versions

2012-11-09 god:

Dear Hank,    Interesting Question.    First the term “New Age” is an extremely wide net; Non-Christians use this term to cover everything from the three thousand year old “Varjianic Tibetan Buddhism”

2011-11-22 Ref: question:

Dear Sunil,    Interesting question.    Be aware that these types of questions are extremely scholastic in nature, and most Experts on this site refuse such questions out of hand but I will assume for

2011-11-22 Ref: question:

Dear Sunil,    Interesting Question.    First there is no way to "prove" to you that God does ( and just as importantly does not ) exist. Just as I cannot prove to you that "I" exist, as in real terms


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