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My purpose here is to offer you something that will answer the greatest questions of this age. As many of you know and have seen, two suns often set on our planet these days, the second sun being a planet 6 times larger than Jupiter. There is much controversy, fear and confusion regarding this planet. A simple booklet is available, FREE OF CHARGE, written by a great master of the highest order to inform humanity. Website:

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Began in 1996.

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There are many belief systems. Beliefs then shape our lives. They magnetically attract to us what we hold within in some form or another. But people used to believe the earth was flat. The purpose then, is to get beyond all our beliefs and come to a state of direct knowing.

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The book has been written in a very direct and simple manner so to allow even a child to understand it, because we are running out of time. So it is important to understand the message and use the practices to awaken your own consciousness. Tornadoes, tsunami's and earthquakes do not show any of us mercy.

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Marsha12/05/06101010Thank You for sharing, and the book .....
Pat08/03/06101010Thanks Imran. God Bless you
Pat08/01/06101010thanks Imran for sharing your experience. yes .....
Pat02/18/06101010Thank you so much for improving the .....
Pat02/13/06101010Thanks so much for all the valuable .....

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2006-11-30 interestd in book:

Hello Marsha,    Thanks for your email.     The book "hercolubus or the red planet" has been written by the master Rabolu.(VM Rabolu). Was written on his death bed, around the year 2000.    This book is

2006-10-22 Ali and me:

Dear Friend,    This subject is quite distant from my expertise. I can only say, trust in God, and look to God for help and guidance. Women and men are made for each other, however to find the right one

2006-08-01 ridding cfs and symptoms:

Hello Jody,    Thank you for your letter. It is no problem, i will give you the basic protocol again with the supplement you will need.     Supplementation:    I advise the use of the fruta-vida product

2006-05-26 Why don't the news tell about resveratrol:

Dear RJ,    Here is another one we have come across just a few days ago.     Best wishes,    Imran          Dear RJ,    Yes, you are right, resveratrol is very

2006-05-09 Ego and Fear:

Greetings Robert,    Thank you for your question. Your point is very interesting and is understood.     From experience we understand that all consequences have a cause. Illnesses for example have a root


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