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Any questions about how to start in the polyamory lifestyle, the challenges of modifying current relationships into polyamorous ones, and how to manage polyamorous relationships.

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I have been in polyamorous relationships for several years.


I write about it in http://KhaosTheory.com


I don't have formal education in the area, but plenty of practical experience and I have been invited to talk about it at seminars and social meetings about alternative lifestyles.

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Claire11/10/15101010Thank you, those are two books we .....
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2017-01-06 i think she wants to have an affair with me??:

Your question has nothing to do with polyamory, but it is so easy to answer that I will do it anyway: It seems like an easy case of sexual harassment in the workplace. Just get an attorney with experience

2016-04-29 New Polymory Couple:

It is not impossible to change an ongoing relationship from monogamous to part of a polyamorous relationship. Not impossible, but pretty near that for most people. The skills required to do that psychological

2015-11-10 monogamish:

Hi Claire,  As the depth and detail of your questions goes further, the amount of progress that we are making is becoming minimal. So let me suggest we change course by giving you a little bit of homework

2015-11-09 monogamish:

Two things I believe:    1) That love is not one thing that we share among all the people we are involved, like as if it was a finite thing that you need to divide by the number of people you relate to

2015-11-04 NRE:

Claire, I am admiring your clear-mindedness. Quite awesome.    I understand, if must be a quite unsettling transition. Especially because you don't know (you can't know) the exact destination of this journey


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