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Anything relating to paranormal phenomena, hauntings, possession, astral projection, out of body experiences. These are all phenomena I have experienced and lived. Nothing is from books or academic speculation or the perception of other people.

Experience in the area

Over thirty years experience with many types of paranormal phenomena.


Paranormal Survival Guide.


Degrees in Science, Computing and teaching

Past/Present Clients

Many clients around the world. Many spiritual healers come to me when in over their heads.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Assist others

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

In the next few years those who do not see will start seeing.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Science believes that many of these phenomena are hallucinations. However, they are willing to accept that what we perceive from our eyes is a reverse image of everything. Ignorance to think that life and reality can be defined from a human perspective.

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2016-12-13 Quick questions:

Quick answers  Question: 1.Can you meet the christian god in a lucid dream or obe? smiley  You could probably meet a representation of one or a messenger but meeting a god may literally blow your mind

2016-11-24 paranormal phenomena:

Dear Katherine,    From what you describe the following is possible.      1) These shapes are actual people who are astrally projecting into your house. This would be most unusual but not unheard of.

2016-05-29 Dreams:

Hello,    Thank you for your message.    Dream recall is certainly one way of moving towards what you seek. If you want a faster way to get to lucid dreaming and astral projection there are a couple of

2016-03-09 Being pulled out of the body:

Dear Dee,    Thank you for your message.    When we sleep we do float upwards just above the body. Sounds like you were conscious of this happening. If you felt a gentle pulling it is likely that you experienced

2015-07-29 Is this good or bad?:

Dear Joanne,    Thank you for your question.    Would you kindly let me know exactly rhe position of how this image was taken.  Is this a picture of your back or of the room that you were in. I ask as


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