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I`ve been reading books about ghosts for a long time and have seen numerous movies about them as well. I can point out what is more likely, what is unlikely and site true examples from the subject. I have also been writing fictional ghost stories off and on since high school. I have been keeping a comprehensive listing of haunted sites for a long time and have visited a few local haunted sites in my area. I do not consider myself a ghost hunter or ghost researcher. I have no college or univerity training in the subject, but I have postulated a few personal theories about the phenomenon. I recently published the book, "Volunteer Ghosts," about ghosts in Tennessee. Another thing, because ghost shows are becoming so popular, I'm getting deluged with messages from people thinking they have ghosts. Please try to bust your own experiences before asking me about them. So many people who believe in ghosts and experience things want proof so much that they are coming to me for answers. Please check your grammar and proofread your messages too. I can't understand what you're asking if your questions aren't legibly precise. Don't make me try to decipher your message. Keep your messages short and to the point! Do not post long rambling inquiries! I do not know anything about demonology; no questions about evil spirits or possession. That has nothing to do with ghosts or haunted houses.

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I have had very brief exposure in doing field work; I hope to get back into it someday.




Author of the books, "Volunteer Ghosts" and "Ghosts Coast to Coast"


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I've been watching horror movies for a long time, but to me, there was always something more logical, and much more fascinating about this subject over UFOs and ETs. I also believe in survival after death.

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A lot of people believe in ghosts, but of three different people, one would probably scream and run, the next might study it and the next might ignore it. If asked what they saw, the first might be too afraid to speak, the next might mention he was moved by the experience and the last might say he saw nothing orblame it on an illusion. Who would you be?

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In a court of law, witness testimony is extremely important. In science, it's worthless.

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2016-10-26 3 year old seeing "white bubbles" at night:

This isn't necessarily paranormal. Your daughter could be waking up because she's not used to the new house. Without other witnesses to the bubbles, she could be seeing light formations in her eyes. I've

2016-01-01 Type of Haunting:

Except for the poltergeist activity (the TV changing channels randomly and the salt shaker spinning), it sounds like a residual haunting. That occurs when the environment causes playbacks of ghostly activity

2015-11-20 Ghosts:

Where ghosts are evident, they're using drawing on energy and causing what we know as cold spots. They use this energy to become visible or cause poltergeist-like effects. Technically, they wouldn't appear

2015-09-01 Handprint on my upper right leg:

This is not the type of question I answer, but I'll do my best.    Some people say this is a deceased relative coming back and saying good bye. Some people say it's an evil spirit leaving its mark. Skeptics

2015-05-28 What kind of spirit is with me? A succubus? An angel? Fairy? Etc.:

I've heard of something like this happening before. It was published in the book, "More Haunted Houses" in the 80s and described a Nashville Lady terrorized by a spirit with both positive and negative


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