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Iím not interested in fostering a selfish or manipulative approach to the so-called paranormal. But I'm happy to discuss the pros and cons of paranormal phenomena, especially the psychological aspects of the paranormal--i.e. parapsychology. Questions about minors should be directed to a licensed professional.

Experience in the area

I run an educational website that touches on paranormal phenomena, among other related topics.


Print Media:
My table from "Religions and Cults" at is reproduced with permission in L. Lindsey, S. Beach and B. Ravelli, Core Concepts in Sociology, 2nd ed., p. 157

World Wide Web:
My online article "Letter to God" coauthored with Buddhist monk, E. Raymond Rock, appears on several different spirituality-based websites, including

I've interviewed, as a Christian, a self-proclaimed mystic:

My articles appeared at the former New View magazine and are published at


Ph.D. in Religious Studies
M.A. in Comparative Religion
B.A. Hon. in Psychology/Sociology
See my CV and letters of recommendation and my blog at

What do you like about this subject?

I usually enjoy the questions in this category. Often I'm surprised at just how unusual things can get for everyday people.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to integrate all the various stories I hear into a coherent worldview that anyone can understand and benefit from.

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2014-12-03 Telepathy:

You mean you hear a voice or voices that seem to be the people you are writing about here? If that's what you mean, I'd be very careful before assuming it's really other people's thoughts. I'm not necessarily

2014-11-23 death prediction 90% correct:

I wouldn't give any diagnosis. If you have that ability, you do. There must be some reason for it. I'm sorry it's troubling. Lots of people get premonitions. But what you are talking about seems a lot

2014-01-08 Visions:

Well, even normal vision is selective. Psychologists use the term "selective attention" to describe the fact that our brains can't consciously take in everything that passes through the eyes. So when we're

2014-01-08 Visions:

I can't advise how your friend should choose to behave. That's up to her.    However, I can say that visions are apparently vague or quite precise. It's said to depend on the person and situation. Some

2013-11-18 What sort of mental health and behvioral effects can psychic abilities have:

Mike, I really can't say. I haven't met her and have no idea what you two are like, together and apart. My guess is that she might be taking some dreams too literally. Dreams are usually symbols. Sometimes


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