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I am a professional exorcist and have performed cleanings, exorcisms and curse removals all over the country for over 30 years. I am also a natural telepath and have been doing readings and counseling professionally for equally as long. I run a school of metaphysics where I teach people how to protect themselves, develop their gifts and improve their lives (see my full profile for more information). I specialize in psychic protection and self-defense and can answer questions regarding (among many other subjects) paranormal activity, ghosts, spirits, phantoms (etc), haunted locations, spells, curses, psychic attack, dreams, astral entities, home cleansing and protection, and how to develop your gifts. I will not answer questions here pertaining to relationships, life path or money. My presence on this site is to help people that are experiencing dangerous or frightening paranormal phenomena or are looking for explanations to things they don't understand. I make my living teaching, counseling and doing readings and offer my time pro-bono here. Click on my name to learn more...

Experience in the area

I own and operate Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics where I teach students all over the world how to develop their gifts, protect themselves psychically and improve their lives. In addition to my school I also train a group of psychic investigators to assist me with house cleanings/blessings, entity removals and exorcisms.

I was born a telepath and have been able to see my entire life. I have 30+ years of experience healing, counseling and giving readings. I have been professionally teaching the metaphysical sciences and divine arts for over 20 years and now own and operate my own school of metaphysics where I teach private classes online to individuals looking to improve their lives, develop their gifts and keep themselves protected in addition to individual, specialized training.

I have cleaned people's homes of negative vibrations and dark entities and have performed full exorcisms (when I clean a place it stays clean!). I have a group of psychic investigators whom I have trained to assist me, some of whom reside in different parts of the country as well. I have stopped nightmares, fended off attacks, removed spells and broken curses. I have taught countless people how to protect themselves psychically and maintain the sanctity of their homes.

What I do is not a hobby or simply something that I enjoy; it is my profession and my life's work. I am not someone who has merely studied the paranormal, I live it, and I have dedicated my life to teaching people how to evolve. I am a Universal servant. My job is to help people and that is what I do. If you are looking for real answers and practical solutions I can help.


Founder/Headmaster of Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics
Founder/Chief Commissioner of Unicorn Rangers Psychic Police Department


Ask The Unicorn is my own site where I answer questions online in both written and video format, and also publish answers to non-private questions asked here.

I have recently started broadcasting a live weekly video show on my web tv station called Ask the Unicorn LIVE, which airs on Unicovia NetTV every Tuesday night at 8:00pm US EST.

To be notified of my appearances, interviews and upcoming shows you can subscribe to my newsletter.


I was blessed in my younger years to be trained extensively by a very powerful woman who taught me impulse control and how to develop my gifts. It is because of her that I am teaching today, and I now train people how to develop their own gifts and keep themselves protected.

Past/Present Clients

I have a wide range of people who come to me for classes, readings and counselings including students, clergy, playwrights, artists, and quite a few traditional psychologists and therapists (in fact, I am often called a "therapist to therapists").

People of all walks of life, in all types of careers and with all manner of beliefs and practices are affected by the metaphysical and the paranormal. I help people to understand their experiences, to deal with them, and teach them how to develop themselves and to evolve. I offer my services both locally and internationally through my school and my websites.

In addition to my page here I also regularly answer questions from people all over the world through my own website, Ask The Unicorn.

I am here to help.

Peace. Ahura Z.

If you need to contact me directly I can be reached through my school at:

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2012-03-09 splitting souls:

Greetings:  Whoever told you that is wrong.  The moment your soul leaves your body it dies.  It is not your soul that leaves, rather.  It is the astral body.  Your soul can be touched by nothing, or no

2012-02-28 Unknow:

Greetings.  The friend that you are speaking of may have picked up a dark energy somewhere, and the fact that it was a dark entity with red eyes shows that it is something that is in fact living.  Perhaps

2012-02-25 Sparkling lights:

Greetings:  I answered this question awhile ago but somehow it did not show that I did.  I do not think that this is bad.  It sounds as if there is someone sending you positive energy.  I do however question

2012-02-23 bilocation:

Greetings:  If you are interested in soul travel I could teach you.  However.  I am Mr. Diliiza  I do in fact teach classes in advanced soul travel.  You can visit my website.

2012-02-22 Clock fell off wall 1:30am:

Greetings:  The event could have been just be chance.  However.  See if this happens again.  If it does then there is definitely something to it.  Read Psalms 91, and 71, and keep a single white candle


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