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Carl Johnson


I can answer most questions concerning Windows XP. I am very interested in helping others to keep their older computers running since they can perform well if properly maintained. I am not a software or systems expert but usually can help with program applications problems also.

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I am an experienced computer user and an IBM retiree who specialized in computer hardware design and manufacture.


Bachelor and Masters degrees in electrical engineering.

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2017-01-26 Windows 10:

Jim, I would suspect the image app (for example IrfanView, PhotoShop etc.) being used.  An update to the app might have gone astray or perhaps the app code somehow became corrupted.  Suggestion: If a different

2017-01-20 Windows 10:

Dave, I am sorry to be late getting back to you but for some reason I missed your email.  Windows 10 requires > 1 ghz processor and your HP computer is faster at 3ghz; also requires RAM memory 1gb which


Kenny, It appears that the hard drive on your Windows XP computer has failed.  Your options are to repair this problem computer or replace it with a new one.  1) Repair: If you cannot re-install Windows


Kenny, the attached boot manager sequence does not show a bootable hard drive that is recognized by the computer. Looks like the C: hard drive (HDD) with boot sector has failed. If you have another computer

2016-06-02 drag and drop:

Try this first: Press and Release the "ESC" key on your keyboard and your mouse will again drag n drop the items    Or try this: enable drag and drop function           Right click Start           Click


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