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I can answer most questions regarding installation of Windows XP, speed optimization, recommended minimal installation specifications, any hardware issues you may encounter, dual booting, best anti-virus software to go with without spending a dime, and much more. If you'd like to dual boot any Linux OS with your Windows XP, I can guide you through that as well. If it is not related to Windows XP, please choose another expert who can help you.

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Experience includes repairing hundreds of desktops and laptops, upgrading some computers from Windows 7 or Vista to Windows XP (yes, this is actually an upgrade), using Linux operating systems for data recovery, diagnosis and more! I've also done capacitor repairs on motherboards with a high success rate. I regularly speed up customers computers to like new speeds or faster


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Windows XP, currently the best (non-biased) OS on the Windows platform. The highest stability in gaming and programs as well as much better RAM usage and start-up times over a long period of time. Don't go with Windows 7. Windows 7 is nothing more than a cleaner version of the deadly Windows Vista. Just because they can USE more RAM doesn't mean they should.

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This sounds like a simple issue with Drive initialization. Drive initialization can be done from Disk Management in system tools. When you have a brand new hard drive it will need to be initialized in

2016-08-15 Got an older laptop:

If you are looking for a more modern operating system than Windows Vista but want it legally, I would suggest using a distribution of Linux. Windows 10 was available for Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows

2015-09-07 - Sound only on one channel -:

The first question I will ask is whether or not you are using the same headphones during all your testing. It is possible that the headphones have simply become broken. It is very common for the wire to

2015-07-22 Ref: Question:

The best method for this would to be to run a bulk renaming program. The screenshot you've sent me shows an impressively long file name. I see your concern being it impossible to rename the 1000's of files

2015-07-21 System restore won't work:

I do not recommend installing Windows using a system recovery disk. The file missing error is just one file it is missing. The process to feed the said file into the installer would be very tedious, annoying


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