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I will do my best to answer all the questions that is related to Microsoft Windows XP Operating System.

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I am an experienced computer technical in the field of Networking , Hardware Support , Operating System Support and Troubleshooting.


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2014-03-02 CPU?:

hello gabe  im sorry I couldn't re-create the problem with version 8 or 9 or 10 on windows with internet explorer or chrome or firefox    I would suggest backing up your PIM notes etc..  and uninstall

2014-02-27 CPU?:

what is the PIM manager program name and version #

2014-02-16 WindowXP losing Microsoft Support:

Hello Sallie  there will be no 3rd party support for windows xp , Microsoft support ends on April 2014    even new versions of the software you use may not be available for windows xp as software companies

2013-12-24 apps not working:

Hello Al  we are going to try the easiest way to fix that before we go deep in other solutions  do a system restore check the website below and follow the instructions in option two     http://www.eightforums

2013-12-20 windows 8 screen resolution problem:

hello wasim    yes you followed the correct instructions but did you change all the downscallingssupported values? there should be more than just one and you need to change those too  also did you change


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